Thursday, April 22, 2010

Emma's Note to the Tooth Fairy

Emma got a loose tooth a week or so ago. Can I just say I was completely unprepared for this milestone? Ben hasn't been losing teeth for very long, so I was going along, thinking that it would be another year before Emma began. She is so excited--understandably, since she has been watching the tooth fairy in action her entire life! She has been longing for a fairy visit, so now she is wiggling that tooth incessantly, wondering when it will come out. Of course, she had to write a letter to express herself:

For those uninitiated in phonetic spelling, it says: "Dear Tooth Fairy: Please collect my tooth. It is loose. I can wiggle it. Thank you." I love the smiley faces and the hearts--they really show how happy and excited she is. She didn't bother to sign it, but of course, fairies know everything, don't they?

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