Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is It Better to be a Grownup or a Kid?

This morning on Facebook, I saw a link to a blog post on Long Island Parent Source about a family's conversation about being an adult. Basically, the woman's 6 year old daughter wanted to be a baby again so she wouldn't have any homework to do, and it got their family talking about whether being a child or an adult is better. I think almost every adult would agree that being a kid was MUCH more fun! However, I did want to see what my own kids would say, so I started with Ben. Here is his list:

Why Being a Grownup is More Fun Than Being a Kid:
by Ben, age 9

1. Being able to drink delicious (mostly alcoholic) drinks.
2. Being able to watch NC-17 rated horror and action movies.
3. Being able to do what you want.
4. Being able to drive.
5. Being able to do things you have to be 18 and up to do.
6. Deciding what's for dinner (hint, hint!)
7. Deciding what pets to have.
8. Having the secrets of knowledge (I wish they'd let me in on some of it!)
9. Getting all jokes that come their way.
10. Reading horror stories by Stephen King.

Pretty apt list, I think. The girls gave me a lot more resistance, but in the end I threatened them and they did it...just kidding. I begged a bit, but I didn't actually have to threaten them.

Why Being a Grownup is More Fun Than Being a Kid:
by Emma, age 7

1. Grownups stay up late.
2. Grownups get to paint rooms.
3. Grownups have jobs (mostly).
4. Grownups have no schoolwork.
5. Cats are scared of grownups and don;t scratch them.

Emma gave me the most grief over this, insisting that she couldn't come up with ten reasons she wanted to be a grownup. She came up with five, and I figured it wasn't worth fighting with her. I guess she is sensible and realizes she has it pretty good.

Why Being a Grownup is More Fun Than Being a Kid:
by Julia, age 12

1. Staying up late.
2. Watching scary movies.
3. Reading horror stories.
4. Being allowed to have as many pets as you want.
5. Having your own house.
6. Having a job.
7. Being able to drive.
8. Cooking anything you want any time.
9. Getting to make the rules.
10. Having your own garden/getting to plant whatever you want.

Julia says that actually, she thinks being a kid is way better, and she is only humoring me by writing this list. I agree with her! And now for my list:

Why Being a Kid is More Fun Than Being a Grownup:
by Mom, age 41 for a few more days

1. Someone else cooks.
2. Someone else cleans.
3. Someone else runs errands.
4. When the cat pukes, you tell an adult about it.
5. No bills to pay.
6. No real responsibility.
7. You sleep as much as you want to.
8. Christmas, and for that matter all holidays, are pure fun.
9. You get new clothes and shoes constantly because you're growing.
10. Weekends are an endless stretch of fun, free time, rather than a couple of days where in addition to anything you have planned, you cram all the chores and errands that didn't get accomplished during the week.

I could go on and on here--but I won't. I think the point has been made.