Friday, April 30, 2010

Emma lost her tooth! + Another note to the Tooth Fairy

Yesterday morning, Emma lost her first tooth, much to my parents' dismay, I'm sure. She was very excited and promptly put it under her pillow in hopes that the Tooth Fairy would pay her a visit while she was sleeping.

Well, the Tooth Fairy was a bit lazy and didn't actually collect the tooth until after Emma had gotten out of bed. (oops!) But she did receive a dollar, so all is well....Or so we thought.

Then, Emma presented us with a picture she had drawn, and we were dumbfounded to tell the truth. Here it is:

In case you couldn't read it, she wrote: "Dear Tooth Fairy, I don't want money! I want my tooth!!!!! Thank you!" Complete with smiley faces and hearts. At the bottom, she illustrated a beautiful fairy, and her pet dog and cat.

Well, I explained to her that after the Tooth Fairy takes your tooth, you usually can't get it back. She was a little sad at this, but sprung right back into her typical cheerful mood when I reminded her that she still has plenty of teeth to lose, and next time she can keep the tooth if she likes.

A photo coming soon of Emma with the space in her teeth. (:


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