Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spring Blizzard

It always seems like the best snow falls in March. We have had a very snowy winter here on the East End. I remember we had a great one on December 19 (because it was our anniversary and it spoiled our plans to walk to the restaurant we went to for dinner!) and we pretty much had snow on the ground continuously till Valentine's Day, which is unheard of here. We had more snow this winter than probably the part four years combined. Then there were a few spring-like days, and March was coming upon us, and thoughts turned to sunshine and flowers...but too soon. This past weekend the weathermen were talking of nothing but snow. Don't get me wrong, I believed we'd have some snow, but I was not prepared for what we actually got!

My family has been sick (for us) for the past week or more. I say "for us," because we don't get sick often, and when we do, it generally is not as bad as what everyone else seems to get. Friends have been plagued with illnesses ranging from colds to flu to pneumonia this winter, so our colds are not bad in the grand scheme of things. But first Julia had a cold, then Ben (with a 4 hour fever), then Emma and then I finally succumbed late last week. Matt and Rachel, as usual, went unscathed. My cold was odd because I had it for two days and then began to feel better, so much so that I went to the gym on Saturday night. Then on Sunday afternoon I felt queasy, and felt worse and worse as the evening wore on. The snow began around 7pm and was very heavy by the time I went to bed. I had a rough night, and Matt knew his office was closed before we even went to bed, so I slept till 10 without worrying about it....and woke up to a foot of snow!

The day went on, and I was sorry to miss it. The kids played, Rachel and Julia shoveled, and I...was sick. I had a fever, a blinding headache, and ended up sleeping a great deal. By the time I was a bit coherent in the late afternoon, we had nearly 18 inches of snow...they are saying more snow than we've had here in 20 years! I really regret that we have not gone sledding this winter--I got so used to our winters being comprised of four or five tiny snows that melt in a day or two that we haven't gone sledding since Rachel was 6 or 7 years old--and this would have been a perfect snow to head to the public golf course and gone down the hills with the kids. Unfortunately, I was not willing to freeze to death while sick in order to do it, and though I am on the mend today I have a feeling that by the time I feel up to it, the warming trend is going to have melted it all. I have to keep sledding in mind for next year!

Will post snow photos later!


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