Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Photos

I'll begin by apologizing that these photos aren't very exciting--I was sick in bed as I said before and so wasn't there to tell Matt/Rachel (see, I'm not even sure who TOOK the pics!) to get some with actual people doing fun things! But you can get the idea of how much snow we got....

This is of the back patio, and is not even representative of all the snow we had--it continued to snow throughout the day!

This is from the front patio, and those azaleas are buried almost to the top with snow. The next one is of the car in the driveway and the street behind it--notice the road is unplowed. I was totally taken aback by that, as the plows are usually out in full force the night before a "storm" where we're only going to get a few inches! I guess they decided to conserve gas or something??

If the kids are still excited to play in the snow tomorrow (they spent a combined total of about 4 hours in it today playing a game they call "Snow Warrior") I'll try to get some shots of them...I always like to have people in pictures. The good news is that we have collected eggs galore from the chickens--5 on the day of the blizzard alone! :)



Anonymous Blogger said...

The snow was amazing!
Your back patio table looked like a cake. I can't believe how flat and perfect looking the snow was. We had so many drifts that there was no level area here.

Jen said...

Our patio is closer to the house than yours is--it stays protected because it's bordered by the house on 2 sides. Also, our yard is bordered on 3 sides with bushes and trees so that probably helped! (and though I am dreaming of spring, I can't help but be a bit sad that this snow is melting away already and will be gone by the weekend! I wish we'd gotten this back in December so it would have stuck around for the winter!)

Kelly said...

Collin is just beside himself! He wanted to go to Germany because he knew they get snow. I told him LI did too. I thought he believed me, but I think he was worried. Some of that passed with the last batch of photos showing the kids in the snow. This one did it for him. He's ready to move to LI!

That said, we've had our a/c on and off for the past number of weeks. Some days it's just warm for awhile! But we did turn the heat on for a few days too!

And you're right about snow and March. The huge blizzard in '93 was in March. (I was stranded for 3 days in motel room with my mother in VA trying to get home from house hunting in NC. The motel got about 4 channels.) And the only other time Collin saw snow was that March two years ago when we came to visit before moving here. That was his first and only snow. He got to walk in flurries walking over to Prince's, and then actually play in it after the big storm for a day or so before we flew back to Texas.

Truthfully (but I doubt David would admit it) I think we are all ready for a little snow and some seasons! I can't wait!

Jen said...

We can't wait, either! Rachel was reading your comment aloud this morning, and Ben was like, "Collin's moving HERE?" We had to explain, well, not to Riverhead, but yes, here on LI...so he was making sure that means we can see you often--he jumped in the air with a big YIPEE!

I just hope that next winter is as snowy as this one was to satisfy Collin...you know we don't usually get as much as we have this year..

And I can imagine you being stranded with your mom in a hotel with 4 TV channels. That must have been rich!