Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Final Count

OK, so technically it's now Saturday, but the count officially ended at 11:52 when Rachel finally went to bed. (I'm just writing now because Matt and I were up late watching TV and talking.)

First I want to note that before the youngers were all in bed, there were 8 more utterances of my name. Then Rachel brought the count to 9 more, so the final count for approximately 15 hours of time awake with kids around me was 265!

I think that is quite impressive and proves my point admirably. Who wouldn't be annoyed at being addressed 17.6 times per hour? (On average, naturally. I am married to Matt!)

Time to sleep. I need to rest up for tomorrow's onslaught.



Chloe said...

Hehe. If my mom started a count like that, she'd come up with like a total of only 15 times a day. I barely come out of my room. Ok, maybe today would've been like 25 or something, because we went shopping, but compared to's a looooooooot less.

Nan Patience said...

Sometimes I tell my kids, Hey, just say what you have to say without adding my name in, because we all know who you're talking to, and the world doesn't need to stop while you tell me something.

They don't listen, they keep doing it.