Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Have You Met Mrs. Meyers? all know I am not a fan of housework. I do it because it needs to be done, but I get little if any enjoyment out of the act of cleaning--my happiness comes from it being over! That said, I love Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. They don't do any animal testing, they all smell gorgeous, they are all biodegradable and made from plant extracts, and they just make me happy if I have to clean something. Target carries their products, but not at an very inspiring price. I've been buying the all purpose cleaner there in geranium (my favorite scent so far) because you can water it down so much that basically they can charge whatever they want. I fill a spray bottle almost to the top and add perhaps 1/4 cup of cleaner to that. The smell is still beautiful and it cleans very well. And that way, I can let the kids spray the counters as much as they want to without worrying they are wasting this expensive cleaner or poisoning themselves.

That said, I was shopping on the other day. I was looking for Mutt Mitts (which are degradable dog poopy bags, because we all know how much I loathe plastic shopping bags and all the damage they do to the environment!) and this site seemed to have the best price I could find. I noticed that the site gives free shipping for orders over $25, so I certainly wanted to take advantage and started poking around. I was ecstatic to find the entire line of Mrs. Myers for a lot less than Target sells them for, so I kind of went a bit berserk!

Let's see, what did I get? In geranium scent, I got the laundry detergent, hand lotion, liquid soap and room freshener (which I will NEVER stop buying! It smells so good sprayed on the beds and near the kitty box!) In rhubarb, I got dish soap, countertop spray, window spray, and all purpose cleaner. Finally, in lemon verbena I got the surface scrub (like Ajax or Comet but natural). I was going to get the dryer sheets, fabric softener and I think there were even more, but I figured that was enough cleaning to get me started! I was surprised not to find a floor cleaner...maybe you're supposed to use the all purpose cleaner for that. So I ended up getting another all natural product for the wood floors.

The best part is, I never left the house, I didn't pay shipping, and my products arrived in two days. Go! I am your friend for life now.


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