Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Greatest Neighbors in the World

I mentioned our around-the-corner neighbors Linda and Dennis around Halloween time. They are the older couple who live on the busy street around the corner and walk their dogs on our quiet street. They also brought the treat bags in a wagon through the neighborhood, with their tiny dogs Charlie and Bear dressed in costume.

My kids are in love with those doggies, so we often talk in the front yard as they go by. We give them chicken eggs sometimes, and they repeatedly told us all fall, winter and spring that we can come swim in their pool any time we want to, even if they aren't home. Their kids are grown and gone, and they hate to see the pool go to waste. They welcome friends, especially those with kids, to come over any old time to swim.

Now, in the cool weather, it was easy to say great, we will. But as it became summer, I wasn't sure what to do. We have nice neighbors here, and we chat cordially when we see anyone outside. But it isn't like the fifties where we come into each other's homes, borrow sugar, or play cards on Saturday night. I wasn't sure about gregarious offers of pool use. But then again, I thought their offers were certainly genuine, and I didn't want to hurt their feelings, so yesterday when we had nothing to do (for the first time this summer, it felt like!) we got our suits and sunscreen on and walked around the corner with a carton of eggs as a thank you.

At first we didn't think they were home, because nobody answered the bell. We let ourselves in through the back gate and were about to get in, when Linda came out the back door, all smiles and welcomes, with Bear and Charlie in tow. She hadn't heard the bell as she'd been bathing the pups for their trip. She was over the moon to see us! She told me how they'd thought we weren't going to come, that we hadn't taken the offer seriously, and that they'd even come by to invite us again but never found us home. (See point 1 above about the first chance to come over!) She kept saying how glad she was, how welcome we were, how we should come any time we wanted to---and that it was especially great we'd come because they were off to their house in Maine tomorrow (today) until September 9! And that we can come as much as we want to while they're gone, because the pool stays in better shape with people swimming. (They have relatives coming to do the chemicals and care.)

So how is that for the best neighbors ever? The kids are so happy that we have a pool to go to when we want to swim, and I'm happy it's not our pool to care for! And it is a lovely inground pool with lots of comfortable furniture to lounge on (including a hammock and garden swing). We had a great afternoon swimming and playing.....I love it.



Kelly said...

Whoa! What a stroke of good luck you guys had! I've always wanted a pool and we swim in our friend Patty's pool, but in our own backyard would be even better!

Hope that everyone has lots more fun!

Anonymous Blogger said...

I want nice neighbors, I'm jealous!! I always imagined my neighbors to be nice and help you when you needed it or we would give them things from our garden, you know, a back and forth reciprocating relationship. Instead we have obnoxious, mean, unfriendly neighbors.

Eager Beavers said...

I read about those neighbors in your blog--and you're right, they are horrible! Wouldn't it be great if WE were neighbors??? I'd share garden goodies with you.... :)


Nan Patience said...