Monday, June 23, 2008

A Taste of Last Week

This girl had a blast!



Nan Patience said...

Now why is it that no one has those slides on their pools anymore, dammit!

Eager Beavers said...

It's funny, because my friend was telling me that this slide isn't made anymore, because the pitch is too steep! And therefore, you can't slide head first or on your belly... It seems like everything fun is unsafe! Remember when WE were kids??


Anonymous Blogger said...

I looked into the slide because I remember it when I was a child (my neighbor had one on their pool), but they are soooo expensive. I have a diving board, which a lot of people are not putting in either. I wonder why with that? Someone said that is not attractive. Huh.

Chloe [-headbang-] said...

I don't understand why everyone's so obsessed with their backyard's being picture perfect...If it looks good to the owner of the house, then let it be, it's not for other people to decide what looks good and what doesn't.

Of course, this is basically the same rule in everything...Fashion, movies, pictures, the arts in general. There's a general opinion and then there are the individual opinions...No two people have the same tastes.