Monday, June 23, 2008

Home Again

We're home, and everything is unpacked and back to normal....and I am so glad! The story of the past ten days is a long one. The weekend of leaving was just crazy and hectic, but we managed to pack for a week of camping AND empty the first floor (including all closets, excluding the kitchen) of everything but what hangs on the walls and is on the shelves surrounding the fireplace. That was a job I don't want to repeat anytime soon, I can tell you! The worst part was that even after all that work, including packing up the car, we had to unpack and set up camp at Indian Island! By the time we fell into bed on Sunday, we were exhausted. Did I mention this was Father's Day? Poor Matt!!! We are having Father's Day next weekend for him, though we did give him his present--the DVD set of the original "Indiana Jones" movies. The rest of the day was something of a letdown in terms of Father's Day fun!

At first we were counting our blessings, because the rain that had been forecast never materialized. We finished out Sunday and had all day Monday at camp. We hiked, played cards, went to the playground, rode bikes, went to the beach, read aloud, cooked outside, and just had a lot of fun. We'd finished dinner on Monday and were making s'mores when the thunder began. Now, we aren't fools--the weather reports had talked of overnight storms, so we had (luckily!) secured camp, putting things in the car and under tarps. So when the rain began--like buckets being dumped on us---we were ready to scamper into the tent and ride it out.

We were eerily reminded of the storm we had camping last year---giant claps of thunder, pelting rain, and lightning lighting up the sides of the tent. We reassured the kids that Tuesday was supposed to be good weather and that we were fine. They were tired, so we promised we'd wait for a lull and then run to the bathrooms to brush teeth. Then we could just snuggle into our beds and listen to the rain. Too bad that never worked out. The rain just continued without a break--it was raining so hard that we kept thinking that surely it would end soon--and eventually Rachel decided to turn on the cell phone...there were several messages from friends inviting us to come to their homes to spend the night.

We talked for a few moments about what to do, because we'd really been looking forward to camping, we haven't been (successfully) in a few years and we didn't want to give up. Then I absently ran my hand next to the air mattress--and sure enough, it was raining so hard the floor was wet--and naturally, the bedding was too. That clinched it, because there was no way I was sleeping wet! We headed to East Moriches to our friends Trisha and Dan-- we'd already planned to spend Tuesday afternoon with them for swimming and a barbecue, they are homeschoolers too, so no worries about their kids having to get up for the bus--and, bonus! they have a pool! We grabbed pillows, clothes, Sophie and her stuff, bathroom bag, and a few random things the kids wanted, booked out to the car, and drove through the storm to our friends, who welcomed us with open arms, beds already made.

As disappointed as I was to miss camping, we had a wonderful week. Dan and Trisha are just great people and terrific friends--they opened their home to us as if we lived there. (And when you are a family with just one child, opening your home to a family with four children is truly exceptional!) Their daughter Chloe is such a sweet girl and is kind and generous to all my kids, even when they fight over her affections. We spent the week swimming and lounging, talking and laughing, cooking and eating, watching movies and generally acting like it was vacation. Trisha even made us promise that next year we'd come for a week's vacation--just for fun. Emma fell in love with Dan--I swear I could see tiny hearts flowing from her every time he walked through the door. He said something about how strong she was, and every time she ate anything she'd say, "Wait till Dan sees how strong I am after this!" It was very cute.

So the week flew by, and we came home on Friday to shiny, pretty floors. I am a bit disappointed with the fact that there is some scarring that I figured would be sanded down, but in actuality are too deep to be removed. But all in all, it looks so beautiful, and it feels nice on our feet, and we can see our reflections in it. We spent the weekend unpacking all the camping gear, doing the laundry, moving the furniture back into the house, unpacking books, candles, photos, toys, knickknacks, etc.....but it is now finished. And, bonus, we even rearranged furniture--which if you know Matt, you know is a huge accomplishment, as he hates change and always complains when I move furniture!

Another home project done. I haven't dared to bring up going on with coat two of the house painting project! I think I'll give Matt a break, let him have at least a week or two back at work.....


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