Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour 2008

Well, we are sitting around candles because it is Earth Hour 2008!

What is Earth Hour? Well, it's a time when people all over the earth turn off their lamps and enjoy the peaceful darkness for an hour while conserving lots of power that really helps the Earth.

So, all of our lights are off. Grandma and Poppy are here to visit as well, so they're celebrating with us! (By the way, computers, TVs, phones, and other electronic devices ARE allowed, just not lamps!)

So, if you're reading this before 9 PM, CONSERVE POWER AND ENERGY BY TURNING OFF YOUR LAMPS! Hope that a lot of people get this message within 20 minutes. Tell your friends and family, too!


1 comment:

Chloe [-headbang-] said...

Seeing as I'm just hearing about this right now...I'll contribute by turning my lamp off for five minutes...haha