Monday, March 31, 2008

Ant Farm

Ben's ants arrived in the mail today! We have been waiting patiently since Valentine's Day for them, and at long last they arrived. We popped them in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to stun them (they are a stinging, biting variety--nice choice, I know! However, the company hurriedly insists that they choose this kind because they make the best tunnels and societies. They are sterilized, just in case they escape--being African, they do not belong here and breeding colonies that escaped would not be a good thing!) and then shook them into their gel habitat. Rachel made sure to tape the top down, as she was disgusted by them and feared they would somehow get out. Ben was interested in opening the battery door to get the light working.

They woke up quicker than we thought they would, and started busily trundling around. However, the flyer said they will not start tunneling right away, and we should keep them in a dark place overnight to get them revved up. So they are in the broom closet and we'll see what they're up to tomorrow morning!

And before anyone comments on "just what you need, more pets!"--let me just say, they are completely contained and the gel serves as food and water. So we don't do a thing but watch them. I'm not sure if they ever consume the gel. I guess they must. But supposedly they will only live as long as 3 months, and then we order more ants.

I wonder what percentage of people who buy the ant farm actually get around to buying more ants? I have a feeling that most kids are so flaky that after one round of ants they are bored and never ask for more....


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Mom of 3 said...

I hope this works out for you...our ants did not live, the company never replaced them (despite the guarantee) and our farm went to the curb.
I sincerely hope you guys have better luck, we can't wait to see your tunnels!