Monday, February 4, 2008

The Origin of the Word Library--by Ben

Today we went to the library for a program Ben has every week. Rachel also volunteers there, helping the librarian keep the kids in order and with the craft. Julia, Emma and I read in the Children's Room while they're in there. When we got home, I was busy putting things away and only half listening to Emma's chatter. She asked me why it's called a library, and I just sort of mumbled that I wasn't sure....

But Ben stepped in handily. He said, "Emma, `li' is some kind of word for book, from some other place," (He'd heard Matt tell one of the girls last week that the Latin word for book is `liber' , and also when I stuck my nose in and said that it's `livre' in French and `libro' in Spanish...

"And," he continued, undaunted, "`brary' means a beautiful place. So `library' means a beautiful place you find books!"

Well--he may not have it correct--but I still couldn't have explained it better!


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