Monday, February 4, 2008

Are You Kidding Me?

Tonight I went to make evening coffee for us, just like we always have while watching TV, reading or blogging (which is where I'm drinking it tonight...) I knew I'd have to grind more beans, so I poured the water to the 8 cup mark, got a filter, and began scooping what was in my jar, just on the off chance I'd have enough and wouldn't have to do this chore that I don't love....

Sure enough, I didn't have quite enough, so I went to the freezer and got out the bag that didn't have much in it. I ground the one hopperful that was in there and figured that though I now had enough to start brewing, I should grind a little more now that I had the grinder down and all....

I am out of coffee!! Anyone who knows me knows that this is just about an impossible state of affairs! I mean, this is just not funny, people. I don't even have enough for morning coffee, which is just unacceptable. Although I have to say that if I must be out of coffee, tomorrow s a good choice, because we have story time at 10:00, which means I often don't have coffee before we leave (sleep edges out coffee just a wee bit!) and so we'll just stop by the store after that.

Still, this is something that does not happen. Ever. And the next time it does, I may be a grandma or something!


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Mom of 3 said...

I hear one of your friends has a fabulous coffe pot that never runs out... I hear she is pretty generous too :)