Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Emma & Chocolate

Today while Ben and I were doing schoolwork, Emma was playing with Julia's little stuffed dog named Chocolate. She'd taken Sophie's leash and wrapped it around the legs of one of the dining room chairs in a zigzag pattern, and she was chattering away. I wasn't paying much attention because Ben was writing words and I needed to pay attention to help him spell them. Finally, she came up for air to tell me about her game.

"Mama, Chocolate was bad, and he had to go to jail. I made him a web where he has to stay, and I won't let him go," she explained, holding up the offending pup.

"Well, I guess that's best, if he was bad," I said solemnly.

"Yes--and this is his guard," she went on, and held up the fluffiest pink bunny in the world. "And she is holding a buttery Easter carrot."

And indeed she was.


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