Thursday, February 7, 2008

Emergency Coffee

Last night my friend Amie and I went out to the movies to see "27 Dresses," something neither of our husbands had any interest in. We went for drinks afterwards and were talking about life in general, and the subject of my recent coffee emergency came up. She told me something her husband does that makes complete sense and would have saved my sanity on Tuesday.

He fills a sandwich bag with coffee beans and puts it at the back of the freezer. That's it. An emergency coffee stash so that you can never be completely out of coffee again...brilliant!

And I'm sure it will follow the law that if I have an emergency coffee stash, I will never again run out of coffee...



Nan Patience said...

Hi Jen. That's a good idea, the emergency stash of coffee (and actually the movies and drinks with a friend, too). I hate it when we run out of coffee.

I like those huge bags of French Roast Eight O'Clock coffee that you can get at Waldbaums. I try to get them on sale, when they're half off--$6.99 instead of $13.99. I get the beans and grind them up front, stash em in the freezer.

When these big bags of EOC coffee are on sale, I get three or four at a time, enough to last til Doomsday.

But guess what. We run out of coffee sooner or later, and since I don't have my coffee alerts on, it happens overnight one day. And guess what, I end up stringing us along on full price coffee and lousy substitutes til my brand goes on sale again.


Eager Beavers said...

Nan--I get those big bags when they're on sale too--the problem is that even if I have 4 or 5, they just don't last a really long time around here! My husband and I not only drink a fair amount of coffee, but we like it strong, so this time it really snuck up...I had several of those bags, plus 6 or so smaller bags that we'd gotten as Christmas gifts--seemed like so much I just didn't keep track, and then BOOM! :)