Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baby Jetpack

Baby Jetpack is the name of a game that Ben and Emma have been playing for a long time. When they play it, Ben carries Emma piggyback and they have a whole pretend world where they are exploring space. Emma is "Baby Jetpack" and Ben uses her to fly around and save the world or something. Sometimes they crash land on the rug, and sometimes Julia gets into the act too, and directs Ben, plays the villain, or uses her strong back to make Ben the jetpack. The thing that gets me about the game is how close they are when they play it--Emma grabs onto Ben like a spider monkey, and he carries her around the house like it is the only thing he cares about or ever will. It is so cute to see them like that. I truly believe that all the trouble of having three babies in four and a half years was worth it to see those three such good friends. They really do love each other, which is all I can ask for!


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