Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I really should start my shopping. I hate this, every single year. Anyone who knows me I love to shop--but Christmas is too much pressure. I have a list a mile long, there's always the decision of which friends are close enough to actually buy for, who I should bake for, who should just get warm holiday wishes. The pressure of finding gifts that people actually want and need and will like. Not to mention everything else going on at the same time: baking cookies, decorating the tree and outside, trying to fit in parties and special activities and traditions, packing and visiting relatives, Rachel's birthday and party, our anniversary, etc. etc. etc.

Not to mention the frenzy of the stores, everyone desperately hunting for gifts and eventually not really even caring what they buy, just that they're bringing home stuff. And as soon as I get home,I realize that I need more wrapping paper or tape or gift tags or chocolate or ribbons or whatever. Plus the yearly decision about what the kids actually need--we have so many toys that we could supply most third world countries with enough to make every child there ecstatic.

Every year I vow that I will shop all year to take the pressure off. I don't. Every year I vow that I will do everything online and never go into a store at all. Sure I will! Every year I shop all in December and go crazy doing it.

I guess 2008 will be the time to actually stick to a New Year's resolution!

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