Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One Year Ago....

On this day last year, we closed on our house and spent our first night here! Yes, it was Emma's 2nd birthday, and we didn't plan it that way--but it was a happy coincidence. We weren't done with the closing till about 5pm, and then we went back to our rental house, picked up the kids and the dog, the birthday gifts, the cake I'd made that morning and the other van, loaded with essentials for our first few days, and drove HOME. Turning the key in the door for the first time was wonderful.

We ordered pizza for dinner, and because we bought the house with lots of furniture and other things in it (the lady who had lived here since the house was built in 1950 had died; we bought it from her daughter and since there were many useful and beautiful things in the house we made arrangements for her to leave a lot in the house) had no problem eating dinner, with a table and chairs, dishes, a dishwasher, etc. Emma opened her gifts after dinner and we had fun playing and exploring every inch of our home.

The work began the next day....painting, fencing, unpacking, cleaning, etc.---but that first night at our house was just fantastic. It feels like we've always lived here now!


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Kelly said...

And it's such a great little house! I just loved it.