Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Today our little sweetie is three! We woke up and had a great morning, despite the really lousy weather--who ever heard of August 21 being 57 degrees and raining all day?! (Although the day Emma was born was a rainy one, it was at least 75 or 80 degrees, so it still felt like summer...)

One bright spot was that Matt worked from home, which allowed us to have present opening early in the day rather than have her open while Daddy was at the office, or (much worse) trying to get her to wait until dinner time! She loved her silk dress up skirt and slippers (reversible panel skirt in sea blue and lime green with matching beribboned headband, and pink rose and ribbon covered shoes, perfect for dancing!) Her little Waldorf strawberry fairy doll was also a hit...she danced happily around the living room.

We made French toast for breakfast--which ironically, the birthday girl and Ben both turned up their noses at! They'd already eaten cereal because I had to go to the grocery store for more milk and eggs to make the French toast, so I guess they weren't hungry! Anyway, it turned out beautifully. The rest of the day was a quiet one--movies, reading, playing, Matt working at the computer, playing with the kittens, Julia going to her friend's house in the afternoon, making cupcakes for the birthday girl. I made chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and chocolate sprinkles (and a green 3 on each one), then chocolate ganache with pink and white sprinkles (and the same green 3s on the other half of them) as per Emma's request. Ben and Emma also went outside in their rain boots and coats to splash in puddles and explore the yard--they lasted about 20 minutes, then came in and Emma had a bath! We had steak salad with blue cheese vinaigrette--yes, Emma eats that, but no dressing--for dinner, then sang to our birthday girl and had cupcakes. She was sound asleep before 8:00.

I can't believe I have no more little babies! Three years old is officially a preschooler, and they change so much the year they turn three, morphing into children and losing all the baby roundness. We've been diaper free for months now, and yet there's no going back--soon we'll leave strollers behind, I keep changes of clothes in the car but don't have to carry a diaper bag, nursing will be a thing of the past pretty soon (which will be utterly mind boggling since I have been producing milk since February 1, 2000!!) It's sad in a lot of ways, but we are ready to have a family of kids, I think. I will always remember my babies very happily, but they are turning into great kids and we are having a lot of fun there too.....


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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Emma! Sounds like a great day. Send me the recipe for the steak salad!