Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Picking Flowers

I am really getting to love this garden of mine! It is so lovely to walk outside and pick a bounty of pretty flowers to put in the house. I picked more of the bright yellow Montauk daisies, tiger lilies, and some sort of purple butterfly bush flower. They look so nice all together in a big glass vase on the dining room table. Also, we see so many butterflies around the garden because of the lovely flowers. There are more flowers budding--I'm excited to see what they will be.

There's a section of the garden that looks like lilies of some sort (the foliage is the same) but for some reason, they are always trampled to the ground. I know it isn't the kids--the chickens do go in there a lot more than I'd like, but I don't think they're big enough to do so much damage. It might be Sophie, I guess--but I never see her in there. I think that if nothing blooms this summer, I'll pull it up wholesale and plant my own selections. Now I'm getting confident! I got a garden catalogue the other day and was looking at many different perennials, thinking how pretty they are but how I really don't have room unless I start digging more beds (which is about the last thing I want to do!) So that might be the ticket; pulling up some old things and adding new. There's also a hosta or two--which I find very boring, and since it is anything but a shady part of the yard, I'm not sure why they were even planted there--that I could get rid of. I'd like to add some more colors, as the former owner favored yellow, orange and purple. I like those colors too, but wouldn't mind some pinks, reds and blues added in for variety.

The blueberries are also doing nicely--we pick some every day. The birds don't seem to be getting under the curtains I put over them. (Or if they are, there are a lot of berries on those bushes!) If we only had fewer kids, we'd actually be satisfied with the amount we pick....but anyway, they are delicious.


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