Thursday, May 31, 2007

Purple flowers

If I ever doubted that we chose the right house, this spring and all the purple flowers would have erased them! This is our first spring here--we moved last August, in 2006--and one of the reasons I loved this house was the yard. The lady who had lived here since 1950 was an avid gardener, and I am just learning, so to come from a house with a wooded lot, a patchy (to put it kindly!) lawn, and every weed and poison ivy vine known to man to the home of a gardener was a real bonus for me. Flowering trees (a pink magnolia, three white dogwoods, a Bradford pear), roses, a perennial garden, forsythia, rhododendron and azaleas, ivy with a border of violets in front, a clothesline pole draped with a huge clematis vine, beautifully shaped shrubs all over the property, and maybe most of all, nice grass, all drew me here. But this spring is when I am finally getting to see everything bloom and grow. And I had no idea so many of the flowers would be purple, one of my favorite colors! Just look and see.....


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Emma said...

Awesome Blog, Eagers!

I am looking forward to more posts and will save you to my favorites:)

We are in Texas right now so I probably won't be back for a few days!

I love you all!