Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just thought I'd post a tip. It isn't new, by any means, but it's something we never actually tried and the kids were entranced, especially Emma, who can't blow proper bubbles yet. She's always frustrated because she either blows too gently, not into the bubble wand, too hard (which breaks the bubble before it can come out of the wand), or sucks air which doesn't form a bubble at all.

I poured bubble soap into a bowl--we buy it at Target in a 128 oz. bottle for $2.99, rather than getting the tiny bottles-- and then the kids dipped fly swatters in. By waving them in the air, you get masses of tiny bubbles, blobs of bubbles, and in general make the air full of them. Emma kept shrieking, "It's snowing!" while she did it. It was lots of fun, and when we were done I rinsed the swatters with the hose and put them in the sun to dry.


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