Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring, A Poem by Julia

by Julia

The blossoms blooming on the trees,
shaking and bumbling and buzzing with bees,
the birds building nests will now take a small rest,
to kick back and eat a few fleas.
In the air, the butterflies flit,
and a few have alit,
on a few flowers out in meadow open.
The monarchs will lay their eggs in one day
on the milkweed bobbing in the breeze of the ocean.
The lambs frolic and play
in the green grass of today,
and bleating, stay close to their mothers.
But once they're done eating,
their fear is all fleeting,
and they go off to play with the others.
The rain will blow,
the flowers will grow,
and like so,
the clouds will pass on in the shape of a koi.
And spring is the bounciest, flounciest,
wiggliest, jiggliest,
twirliest, whirliest,
flingiest, springiest
season of JOY!

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