Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Emma's Birthday List

Emma isn't taking any chances after seeing Ben's barrage of gifts yesterday. She has the advantage of having a birthday two and a half weeks after her brother, so seeing his birthday always gives her all kinds of ideas. For a couple of weeks I'd been asking Ben what he wanted, and his response consistently was, "Oh, I don't know, I'm sure I'll like whatever you pick out!" He ended up with quite a haul--and I don't mean from only Mom & that Rachel earns money herself, she bought him a new Calvin & Hobbes comic collection, which he loves and has already devoured, and then Julia and Emma both wanted to spend money on him, so Julia got him a Bakugan set and Emma got him a game called Cuponk, which involves trick bounces of a ping-pong-like ball into a cup that lights up and makes gorilla noises. Then, of course, there was birthday money and gifts from friends who spent the day with us, and he will get more when the family comes to visit.

Anyway, Emma got right to work making her list. Normally, I would scan it so the entire deliciousness would be understood--her handwriting adds a lot! However, our printer is not working with the new operating system--MATT, get on this problem, please!--so I am just going to type it in, spellings and capitalizations intact.
(My comments are italicized next to hers.)

My BirthDay LiSt

a shYoushYou this is one of Ben's gifts, those hamsters that run on wheels with their attachable habitats--it is actually ZHU-ZHU pets!

an iPod for once, her capitalization in the middle of a word is correct, but I don't think she knows that!

aNd A AQuAtic FRog LiKe Boeabuls at first I was impressed that she spelled "aquatic" correctly, but Ben said she asked him how to spell it. Oh, well. And "Boeabuls" is her version of "Bubbles," Julia's aquatic frog.

Going to Be 6 Years oLd

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