Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Today is Emma's fifth birthday. I simply can't believe she is this old! We have had a child (or several!) under five since's really hard to contemplate the fact that I am now moving into a new era of motherhood. No more babies, toddlers, or preschoolers--moving into homeschooling all four of my kids in a few short weeks. I have to admit that I shed a few tears today, thinking about the fact that all my babies are growing up. I know, five is far from grown--but it feels huge!

My sweet girl is already so grown up. In the past few months she has learned to swim, to read, and her drawings have done that big leap that allows you to see what she means to depict rather than having to guess. She is waiting for her Kindergarten work, so happy to be included with the big kids, with her own notebook and plans for each day. She sits in an armchair listening to music and I can see the teenager she will one day become. It really is amazing.

We've had a great day. Matt worked from home this morning, and Emma opened her gifts with everyone around. She got stuffed bobblehead dogs on a bed that she's been asking for, some tiny fairy dolls, an art set and a tote bag with matching sunglasses and binoculars. She and Julia immediately took off with a huge fairy adventure in the yard and inside, complete with houses made of cherrywood blocks. After lunch, we headed to a play date with friends, where we played all afternoon and had chocolate cupcakes we'd made. The kids had a blast and the moms talked mostly homeschooling stuff--the usual late August conversations. Emma got 3 more Webkinz, courtesy of Rachel and Ben, who insisted on going shopping for gifts with me while Matt made dinner even though I told them she really didn't need any more gifts! They of course made Emma very happy, and she is already thinking about playing with them in the morning.

We have a busy weekend ahead--a pool party tomorrow afternoon, which includes Rachel and Julia sleeping over afterwards, and we're hoping to go to the beach on Sunday--if Hurricane Bill cooperates, anyway. Today is also the third anniversary of moving into our house, which we also are grateful and happy for. It's a good life.

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