Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer, a Poem by Julia

She keeps writing them, I keep posting them. My award-winning poet!

Summer, a poem by Julia E.

Soft summer breeze blowing through warm night air
Butterflies flitting around without care.
Bees collect nectar for a golden honeycomb
While on warm, starry evenings, deer and rabbits roam.
Birds call sweet notes from the boughs of trees,
While squirrels rest on warm house roofs, fat, lazy and at ease.
At the beach, from their watery sand caves,
crabs watch old sand castles topple down from the waves.
On those warm, starry nights in the month of July,
bright, booming fireworks rush into the sky.
In the sweet, fragrant meadows of lilac and flowers,
hummingbirds flit and sip throughout the sunlit hours.
Slimy, happy frogs splash in the lilypad pond,
while a meadowlark sings, perched on a willow wand.
Rose of Sharon bloom, and orange tiger lilies,
and horses frisk in pastures with their yearling colts and fillies.
The yards are green and lush, perfect for catching fireflies
against a starry, moonlit warm and perfect summer sky.
The swimming pools, the hummingbirds, the butterflies and bees
The treehouses, the spiderwebs, the lush green emerald leaves--
Oh, summer is and will always be the best time of the year
and in all the other seasons I hold summer memories dear!

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