Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Swimming!

No sooner do I say it than Ben proves me wrong...he has joined the club and is swimming on his own now! We went to the pool yesterday, but I elected not to swim--I'd had a shower and washed my hair, and had plans for the evening to meet a friend for coffee, so I didn't want to have to rush home and go through getting ready all over again in addition to the whole dinner thing. Instead I brought a book I need to go through to take notes on programs and books I need for the fall. I was minding my own business, in the shade of the umbrella and taking my notes, while occasionally looking up to watch one or the other of the kids do some fantastic feat--when all of a sudden, it was Ben clamoring for attention. He was paddling along like he'd been doing it forever--it just clicked into place!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. I didn't bother to bring the camera along--we were only staying an hour or two, and although he'd put on his suit, I didn't think he'd even get into the water since I wasn't swimming. As I've mentioned, he likes water the least out of any of the kids, and he'll often decide to play some sort of battle game in the yard rather than swim. I was glad he got into the pool--Emma and Julia always wonder why he isn't swimming and if he's having fun when he doesn't--but I didn't expect him to get adventurous.

First all the kids got out of diapers, then they were all finished nursing, then they all slept in their own beds, now they're all reading, all swimming--and in September they'll all be homeschooling. Bittersweet!