Thursday, June 4, 2009

Enough With This Weather, Already!

I am not going into a diatribe here--but come on, we have had the rainiest spring EVER here on Long Island. This weather is just plain inappropriate, and it is ruining our good time. I expect better of the months of May and June. They are generally two of the most gorgeous months we have...though, actually, Long Islanders experience nice weather most of the year. Still, I am pouting. We are almost finished with the school year, and have not been able to enjoy enough time in the yard, on the patio, or on the beach for my liking! We were supposed to head into the city tomorrow for a day at Victorian Gardens (tiny amusement park) and bumming around....rain date. We went to the Long Island Game Farm on Tuesday and endured standing in a downpour for about a half an hour--though thankfully, that blew over and we enjoyed the rest of the day. Our staycation last week had unexpected weather interruptions that didn't make me happy. Enough already!!

However, I will say that it hasn't been completely miserable. We have had days since April that have been positively summer-esque, and those have been real treats. They just haven't been as numerous as they usually are. I'll leave you with photos of the kids in our neighbors' pool...despite the rain, we have been swimming several times. And our lovely neighbors Linda and Dennis are away in Maine again till the end of June, so we have the run of their flower garden and strawberry patch, too!


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Moondancer said...

All together now: Rain Rain Go Away! Sigh:(