Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Winter," A Poem by Julia

Another lovely poem by my girl....


Feathery frost on the windowpanes,
Fluffy snow falling, not rain
Freezing temperatures outside
Jingle bells ringing on a snowy sleigh ride.
Warm and toasty from heads to toes
Hot cocoa boiling with fluffy marshmallows.
Snowpants drying in a warm, cozy place,
A snowman standing in the yard with his frosty face.
Jack Frost painting the windows with ice,
No one is stirring, not even the mice.
A blizzard is blizzing outside in the storm,
But inside the house it's all cozy and warm.
The dog is asleep, not even the fridge is humming,
Tonight by all means, then Santa is coming!
I love the hot cocoa, and Christmas and sleds,
the snow and the snowmen and warm, cozy beds.
I love moonlit nights with Jack Frost at the windows
and when we come in dripping wet in our snowclothes.
I love our blazing fireplace,
The New Years
the cold ears,
and how the snowflakes race.
Yes, I love winter more than any season,
but don't ask me WHY--
I just told you the reasons!

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6FM said...

This is lovely. :)