Friday, January 9, 2009

Emma's Christmas Art

This morning while we did schoolwork Emma was busy at her end of the table. She had stickers and markers and was very hard at work. Finally her masterpiece was finished, and when she brought it over I was very impressed. She drew our living room, decorated for Christmas...and just in time, because the decorations will be gone tomorrow!

She drew the tree and used stickers for the toys that are under it even now (we use the Christmas tree as a handy way to avoid putting away the new toys for a week or so!) and the tall structure to the right are the built-in bookshelves--although they look more like drawers. And if I were being picky, we have one on either side of the fireplace (shown to the left of the tree) but I'll forgive her as perspective is difficult for a four year old! I liked the way she used a stocking sticker to represent the real stockings hanging from the tree (though of course in real life there are six stockings!) and she even drew a tree-shaped stocking holder, which we really have. I also like the tree sticker on the bookshelf, since we scatter various Christmas knick knacks among the books and photos on the shelves...all in all, I think it was well-executed!


1 comment:

Kelly said...

I'm impressed. Having seen your living room, I knew right away it was the bookcases next to the fireplace!

Good job Emma!