Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boston, Day Three...Mall Day, Seeing an Old Friend, Indian Food

Today the kids and I decided to stay near the hotel. We slept late, first of all, and by the time we were dressed and had eaten breakfast, it was 11:30. Matt had an evening reception tonight so we had to have an early dinner, and it didn't make sense to try to go to a museum when we had to be back at the hotel by 4:30. So we went to Barnes and Noble, a favorite hangout of ours. We spend hours there, looking at books, reading aloud and playing games with assorted stuffed animals. I also snicker to myself, listening to Boston mothers complain about their nannies and assorted servants...and sometimes about problems collecting Social Security payments. (That was snide, I know--but having lived in Boston I feel confident in saying that the average mom in this city is pretty close to ancient!) Today we had another reason to linger in the bookstore, and that was that my old friend from elementary school, Dara, was coming in from Chestnut Hill to meet us, and I wanted to meet her somewhere the kids would be reasonably busy so that we could chat and catch up.

When Dara walked into the children's section, it was so weird! It was like seeing a taller version of the girl I knew...same eyes, same face, same laugh. We started talking a mile a minute--and then her phone rang, and it was her daughter's school nurse...Dara had told me that her kids had been sick over the weekend but were now back in school, so it was just very unfortunate that she wasn't quite well enough to stay at school--Dara had to basically fly back home almost before we'd started to talk. We promised to make better plans for next year, we took a few photos and then she had to be off.

After she'd gone the kids and I figured out what we were going to buy. Rachel got two of the "Maximum Ride" novels, Ben got two "Star Wars" activity books, I got a school book for Ben--and had to get the 2nd grade level because 1st grade was way below him--and Julia and Emma got small stuffed animals. Sigh. Not that we need any more stuffed animals in our house! But they were spending their own money and they are playing great games together with them, so I gave in. We paid for our stuff and headed back to the room. The kids played and then watched a bit of TV while I read my book, took a short nap, and knitted a while. Then Matt came home and off we went for dinner.

I'd found a restaurant.com coupon for an Indian place called Mela, just a fair walk from the hotel on Tremont Street. The kids have branched out into some Indian food lately--Matt has made some for us at home. We had a feast--lamb and potato samosas, chicken tikki masala, lamb shank curry, garlic beef, rice and garlic naan, mango lassis....it was all delicious. (Though Emma was the least adventurous and had to be persuaded to try the main dishes--she loved the samosas but the saucy entrees made her suspicious! Julia, as always, was the most adventurous eater and loved it all.)

After dinner, Matt had to go to his reception, so I took the kids to the pool. I am pleased to note that they are keeping the water far warmer than in previous years, so the swim I was dreading was pleasant, and of course the hot tub was fantastic. We stayed for quite some time, then headed back to the room for showers, pjs and "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town" on tv. Now everyone is asleep and I am blogging, playing on Facebook and anticipating staying up very late, thanks to a venti Starbucks Matt brought back to the room for me! Tomorrow will either be Quincy Market or the Children's Museum, depending on what the weather report holds....



Dara said...

Ok, now I feel like a stalker. I love reading your blog. Am I becoming too obsessed with your family? It is amazing to me how you are able to manage it all so seemingly camly! I thought you were a star way back, now I know it. I would've skipped the Indian restaurant and gone with take out in the room after the days you've been having. You have so much energy. Keep writing. I love it.

Jen said...

you are too cute! I would never tell anyone not to read my blog; that's kind of the whole point, isn't it? Anyway, thanks for the compliments. It's nice to have you enjoying it! xoxo