Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Photos

As promised...Halloween photos! I will have to add more later because Julia went to her friend Evelyn's for the festivities, and when she came home her face was clean--Amie painted her face (and I know she did a fantastic job!). So when I get Amie's pics I will post them so you can see the whole effect.

Amie made costumes for Julia and Evelyn! It is a long story, but basically, Rachel and Julia were a tiger and a leopard for Halloween back when Julia was 3 years old--and Julia and Evelyn dressed up in those costumes every time they were together from that age till earlier this year! Suffice it to say that those old costumes were falling apart--tails off, holes everywhere and of course got far too small. Amie said she would make them new tiger and leopard ensembles, and they seized on it as Halloween costumes. I nervously cautioned Julia that it was a lot of pressure to ask Amie to sew two costumes for Halloween (plus she made her baby a spider costume!) but the girl came through with gorgeous results. She made two girls I know the happiest trick or treaters around, I think....

Here is our tiny pink poodle....she really loves this costume!

Ben as a Jedi...but of course he wouldn't take the hat off no matter how I explained that nobody in Star Wars wears a baseball cap! He did get a bit tired, lugging his candy bucket and his light saber. We ended up stopping home in the middle for a candy dump.

Rachel and Chloe were an angel and a dark angel....Rachel wanted to color her hair but when we looked at the Halloween hair sprays they cautioned that blond hair could be permanently stained. This led to five different experiments with Kool Aid as hair dye, which for some reason never worked. So they sprayed their hair with glitter instead. Note the white powder all over Rachel's face--in person it was a pretty cool effect.

It was a beautiful day, which was a relief after the weather we had earlier in the week. We went out for a while and Rachel took some photos.

As promised, the jack o'lantern at first lighting...and now without the lights:

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Amie said...

Thank you for the nice comments on your blog about the costumes. I do really enjoy sewing, well, making things in general, and it gave me such pleasure knowing that they would be so happy to have these costumes. The only downside so far, the stitching is not strong enough! Evelyn's tail has already ripped out!