Monday, October 13, 2008

A Dino Poem, by Julia

Another poem from Julia....

The huge T. Rex was an awful beast.
Upon other dinos he did feast.
He stomped around, making holes in the ground,
But in a crime scene he was always found!
He destroyed the jungle,
He ate the eggs,
He walked around eating dino legs.
All the dinos hated him so!
They shouted, "We want him to go!"
"We want him to go and never come back!"
"Come on, people, cut us some slack!"
But then one day, he disappeared!
All the dinos clapped and cheered!
All but one that was very wise.
She said he might be wearing a disguise.
But from that day on, he never came back.
And for the other dinos, luck gave them a big whack!
Some say he died, and never spoken was his name.
Some say volcanoes erupted, and he fell into the fiery flame.
But whichever the one,
for dinos it was fun!
His name was never spoken again, and that was not wrong.
For to the dinos' great joy, he was gone!

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Debbie said...

That was a wonderful poem!