Thursday, September 4, 2008

Want to See a Good Movie?

Matt and I joined Netflix a few months ago, and are enjoying it immensely. I finally got tired of saying, "No, I haven't seen that...or that..or that," because we may see two movies a year in the theater, and they could both be kids' movies. We love it because there's no hassle whatsoever. For $8.99 a month on a credit card, we just get movies in the mail. I have our queue lined up (the only part that takes a tiny bit of work--but it's fun too! And they will also give you recommendations of movies they think you'll like based on your ratings of watched movies and a quick questionnaire you can take) and they mail the top selection. We keep it as long as we like, then put it in its return envelope and put it in our mail box. Two days later we have another movie. So much easier than the whole video rental store thing!

Anyway, the point of this is that the other night Matt and I saw "The Orphanage," which is actually in Spanish with English subtitles. Normally I don't like subtitled movies because I always feel I'll miss something so I keep my eyes mostly glued to where the subtitles come up--and then I feel like I miss the actors' expressions, body language, etc. However, I'd heard about this movie and I really wanted to see it, so I was prepared to swallow my dislike of subtitles.

The movie is a suspense/horror movie. However, it is very well done. It isn't horror in the sense of gore or gratuitous violence--rather, it is a ghost story with very creepy music, set in a gorgeous but frightening castle-like house by the rocky coast of Spain and it kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. It has a very clever plot which I can't really talk about or it will spoil the movie if you ever see it--but suffice it to say, you won't guess the mystery. It centers around a woman, Laura, who spent her first years in this orphanage but was adopted (I'm guessing she was 7 or 8...) and left. Years later, she and her husband come to live with their son, Simon, in the same orphanage in order to run a home for disabled children....there are a few mysterious things about Simon, and then things start to happen....

See it! I really think I may buy the DVD at some point; I liked it that much.

And on a tangent about Netflix---I was browsing the documentary section yesterday because I am feverishly planning schoolwork for the kids. After just 15 of the 71 pages of documentaries Netflix carries, I added 65 titles to my queue! They really have a stunning variety!



Nan Patience said...

We had Netflix for a while, but keeping that queue became a chore. It's too hard to find a good movie.

Chloe said...

If you like creepy and bloody war movie that have a childlike theme to them, then you should definitely watch Pan's Labyrinth. Lots of blood and death, though...And it's in Spanish with English subs.

What can ya do?