Sunday, September 21, 2008

Note My Daily Quote!

Yes--I feel like a user today, in both the computer and the drug addict sense!

I recently noted that I joined Facebook. Well. Let me just say, at first I was reconnecting with college and high school classmates, and finding out that practically my entire family is on Facebook too. This afternoon Matt was making dinner--he made Indian food that was to die for--and I was browsing around on Facebook, answering some messages I had, etc. I decided to search for other people I knew who might be on, and wasn't having much success.

That's when the thought popped into my mind. I went to grammar school with some kids who had really singular names. I mean, REALLY singular names. Why not search for them, rather than the friends with the last name of Jackson and Schneider? So I entered a boy I went to school with--Renato Stabile. POW! There he was, living in NYC, and I knew it was him because when I viewed his friends page---there was practically my entire grade school yearbook! And half of them had our group class photos on their profile pages!

I connected with four people this evening that I haven't seen since we were ten or thirteen years old! And sent friend invites to a dozen more. This is surreal and wonderful.

I am having so much fun!


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