Thursday, September 18, 2008

Facebook and Me

I finally caved the other day and joined Facebook. I'm not really sure why I did. I'd heard a lot about it over the past couple of years (though never anything very concrete...) and it sounded like something fun to do and a free way to find old friends--none of those classmate sites are any good. So I had a bit of free time and logged on. I've made a profile and contacted a couple of old friends. The easiest way to invite people you know to join is to have the site search your address book for email addresses it knows--isn't that scary? However, Facebook does not recognize Optonline addresses, which I have to say is a bit strange! However, it doesn't, and I'm not about to go sign up for a Yahoo account or something and import my address book there just to invite all my friends and relatives to join Facebook!

So I'm inviting you here. If you know me and would like to communicate via Facebook, then please join, or let me know of your existing account! You can invite me to be your friend, or comment here and I'll invite you, in the unlikely event that you know less about it than I do....


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Anonymous Blogger said...

Facebook, huh?

I will have to check it out.