Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Beautiful Ocean, A Poem by Julia

Another inspired bit of poetry by my girl....

The Beautiful Ocean

The aqua waves, the fishes' scales
That shine like diamonds and little fan tails.
Lots and lots and lots of fish,
and colorful pebbles--all you wish.
Lots of conch shells, all you want,
slippery seaweed, cool and slimy from back to front.
Little hermit crabs, and little sea snails,
dive down deeper, then it's dolphins and whales.
Glistening tide pools, a soft sand bar
a coral reef and a big sea star.
Cool and slippery, baby seals
and hidden in rocks, shy moray eels.
Sunken ships and pirates' gold,
about this ship then tales were told.
The screaming gulls, the giant clams
that make huge pearls out of sand.
Mysterious squids that are simply gigantic,
ocean turtles you'll find in the ocean Atlantic.
A million grains of sparkling sand,
ocean birds singing across the land...
I love the ocean, I love the sea,
I love the ocean....
and the ocean loves me.