Friday, August 1, 2008

The Mom Count

Lately I have found myself very annoyed with how many times the kids address me personally. I find myself sometimes snapping, "WHAT?" only to be met with a sweet, "I love you, Mama..."

So I have decided to do a little experiment. I am trying to keep a count of how many times I am addressed by one of the many variations of "Mother" in one day. In my house, this list includes:





Llama Girl

Lam (diminutive of Llama)

Llammy Lam Lam



Well, you get the idea! (If anyone is confused, I think I've mentioned the game Ben and I have played for a long time where he calls me some rhyme with Mama--the most popular being Llama--and then I take that letter for his name, such as Len/Lenny...Emma has picked it up now too.)

It is now 11:23 am, and so far the count is at 37. However, it should be noted that Emma and I slept till that 37 would be 37 times in 2 hours.

Oh, now we're up to 41 all of a sudden.....sigh.

I'll keep you posted throughout the day! Gotta go--


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