Sunday, August 3, 2008


Today my boy is six!

How did the time go by so quickly? It seems impossible; just yesterday he was a toddler, just a few months ago he was a newborn with big eyes looking all around but especially at me. Now he is reading, writing, playing chess, doing puzzles, playing pretend games that amuse me and astound me in equal measure. He has a loose tooth--but he still wears his baseball cap every single day! We're at four and a half years and counting for that little habit.....

Today has been a lot of fun. We got up and watched Ben open his gifts--unfortunately the camera is broken! So to my great dismay we couldn't take any photos. But I will try to have it fixed in a timely manner, or at least to get a disposable camera before birthday celebrations occur. He got Star Wars figures from Grandma B., Rachel and Julia--this was an unplanned coincidence, but he is ecstatic to have so many more and once we got home this evening he immediately started a game. Matt and I gave him a croquet set and the new Star Wars pop up book (if you haven't seen it, is a truly a work of amazing art. There are even light sabers that really glow!) both of which he has been wanting all summer. And Emma have him one of her teddy bears and drew him a card. Rachel also made him a card--she drew Yoda on it and it looks great.

We went to church and shared birthday cake there, and then headed to Port Jefferson to Fun 4All--Ben's choice. Fun 4 All is one of those big indoor play spaces with trampolines, rope bridges, slides, etc. They have a 5 floor trampoline, in fact, with slides and ramps coming off it in all directions, and they have changed a bit since we last went there and added four gigantic bouncy slides/playground structures. Julia was a bit miffed that they took out the basketball court and ball pits with slides to make room for these, but after playing on them she was singing a different tune! And I was happy to be rid of the germ fest that is a ball pit, frankly. We played there for a few hours, then headed to Vincenzo's for pizza. Then rode home (thankfully Emma stayed awake, which is a minor miracle for 6 pm after a very full day!) and played a game of croquet on the lawn before getting ready for bed.

It was a really fun day, and Ben thanked me for making his birthday wonderful before he went off to bed. With such a wonderful boy---it was easy!



Chloe said...


I'm glad Ben had such a great day.

Fun 4 All sounds like...a kid's dream. And it kind of makes me want to go there...o.O


Emma said...

Happy birthday, Ben!