Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ben Rides His Two Wheeler!

After weeks of trying, Ben rode his bike today! He has wanted to ride for a long time, and resisted any suggestion of training wheels. However, cautious by nature, he also didn't like the idea of falling and getting cut, and so when Matt or I tried to help him learn to ride, he didn't want us to let go of the bike. Naturally, this didn't help him learn very effectively! He then moved to trying to ride it himself, and I coached him from the sidelines. I explained that if he just let go and pedaled rapidly, the bike would stay upright and he'd be riding--but he always put a foot down. Then today our friend and neighbor Matthew came over and was with Ben in the driveway. He asked if he could take Ben across to Heights Place, which is a "T" with our street and as it just connects our road with the one parallel to it, has almost no traffic. I agreed, and went to sit in the hammock swing to watch--and to my amazement, Ben was riding all on his own in just a few minutes!

Somebody should give Matthew a teacher of the year award!



Emma said...

Way to go, Ben!

Chloe said...

Some people can charm bees, some can create wonderful works of art and some people just have a gift.