Thursday, July 3, 2008

Queen of Procrastination

Some time ago I referred to my dear husband as the King of Procrastination, in reference to house painting. Well, apparently we're well matched, because I am the Queen of Procrastination, in regards to homeschooling paperwork. Silly New York homeschooling laws require me to submit four quarterly reports and an annual assessment. They give us the dates the paperwork is "due," however, it is just a guideline to split the year evenly into quarters, because the law clearly states that we can set our own schedule as long as we hand in the required papers per school year. In general, I follow their guidelines though, because we follow the traditional September-June school year, and it's easier than scheduling it myself.

HOWEVER. We have been done with school work now for about a month, and have I done the paperwork? NO! And is it hard to do the paperwork, you might ask? NO! It's one of those jobs that you dread and dread, but then once you sit down with the books and the calendar for field trip reference it takes all of a half hour, and you wonder why you avoided it for so long....well, I've been doing these reports now for eight years and I haven't gotten any better at not procrastinating. But I think this year takes the cake. I have never made it to July 4th without handing them in!! I guess I know what part of my weekend plans are....


PS: You might wonder what kinds of activities take precedence over doing these reports. Well, the answer is--everything! Checking email, talking on the phone, gardening, playing Crazy Eights, throwing a ball for the dog, checking the chicken coop for eggs, baking a cake, mowing the lawn, taking the kids for a bike ride, grocery shopping, even cleaning the bathroom--I have done all these things rather than write up this paperwork. Sigh.


Mom of 3 said...

Are you sure I didn't write this post?!!!!! I finally got the LOI in yesterday, quarterlies went on Monday...I usually have both in together by the first week of June :) Ridiculous. Now for the book gathering and all of those "dividing by 4" issues with an irregular number of chapters...can't we just teach?! Ugh.

Nan Patience said...

Those all sound more important than paperwork.