Saturday, July 5, 2008

Princess of Procrastination I am only the Princess of Procrastination. I sat down this afternoon and began my paperwork. First, the easy stuff--I printed up my Letters of Intent (telling the district my kids will not be partaking of their dubious educational opportunities...) for Rachel, Julia and--boo-hoo--Ben. Now I have THREE sets of reports to come up with 4 times a year...

Then I went through the calendar from mid-April to the end of June and typed up all our field trips (there were 8) and adjusted the extracurriculars. Cut and pasted that for both girls. Then I wrote up Julia's end of the year assessment--since this was a standardized test year for Rachel, her assessment is simply attaching a copy of her test results....yes, the test where she got 99th percentile. I printed two copies of each letter of intent and Julia's assessment. Then I went and ate lunch with my family, and we watched 4 episodes of the "Brady Bunch" we'd recorded for the kids, and then we went out for a nice bike ride....

Look on the bright side. All I have left to do is the meat of each girl's report, and printing them out. And the weekend's only half over. I think I'll be fine.

And if I'd stayed inside at the computer, I would have missed the bunnies on the lawns, and Ben coming very close to actually riding his two wheeler. He's at that stage where he starts pedaling, but then gets scared and brings his feet onto the pavement. I think that he'll get it soon.

I'll post the hooray message when I get the paperwork all squared away!


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