Sunday, July 20, 2008

Grandma's Visit

You might have noticed that I haven't posted in the last week--or is that hoping for too much? :) Anyway, the reason I haven't posted is that we had our annual visit from Matt's mom, Barbara, who lives in Georgia. Though we've had the best intentions of visiting her, it hasn't happened yet...the drive is far too daunting at this point in our lives, and airfare for six is out of our reach! So she makes the trek every summer.

We picked her up last Saturday (the 12th) at LaGuardia, and basically didn't stop again till she left yesterday morning! In that week, we went to the beach, Splish Splash, the aquarium, the movies to see Wall-E, Greenport, Adventureland, and shopping. In addition, we ate out a lot, and Matt and I had two dates!

The first was originally dinner and a movie, but surprisingly, we couldn't find anything we wanted to see. So we settled on dinner and going to the beach to watch the moon and stars over the water. We ate at the Meeting House Creek Inn, a restaurant that we have long wanted to go to, but never have before. It was a delicious dinner with a lovely view of the marina, the sunset and finally the full moon. Very romantic and lovely.

The second date was to see "1968: Rock the World," an original musical at Theatre Three in Port Jefferson. It was a great show, full of laughter, tears and great classic rock songs (sung by the actors, not the original artists' recordings). We go there monthly for children's theater productions, which I adore, but it was nice to be there at night with just my hubby! After the show, we walked through Port Jefferson, and had some delicious ice cream and cappuccino at the Frigate, an old fashioned shop that sells ice cream and gelato, Godiva chocolates and fudge, and a myriad of other tasty treats. We'd like to go back with the kids for their family sundaes, where you choose the size (ranging from 4-12 scoops!) and then choose flavors and toppings. Sounds like lots of fun! After the ice cream we walked down to the water and watched the ferry for a bit, then meandered home.

Anyway, the week was full of fun and went by really quickly. It's always fun to see Grandma!


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trisha said...

oh, please let us know when you go back to port jeff one of these days. we'd love to do the family sundae also! and between both families, maybe we'd even be able to sample a few flavors that the other family has vetoed. anyway, it sounds like two lovely dates, for a very deserving couple. aren't dates fun? we took them for granted before parenthood. now, even a trip to home depot sans child feels like a date. *sigh* just the thought of such an unexpected outing makes me giddy! enjoy them as they come, even if he'll only hold your hand until he needs both of his to touch every single object at home depot.