Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Find The Treasure In Every Day, A Poem by Julia

Julia has written another beautiful poem....I am so proud of her!


Find the Treasure In Every Day

There's treasure all around you,
it's just that you can't see.
Not in a pot of gold,
a diamond or a ruby.
Life is filled with treasure,
like inside a good book,
or what's inside a pocket of a coat up on a hook.
Oh, life is filled with treasure,
for the young and for the old--
it's not in all the jewels in the world,
not in a pot of gold.
Oh, life is filled with treasure,
You'll find it every day.
And once you have found it
You can shout, YAY!


Emma said...

Beautiful, Julia! You are so talented:)

Nan Patience said...

If this little girl can remember that always...

Beautiful poem!

Good job, Jen, for any part you play in helping your children to see such things!