Monday, June 9, 2008

Life in General...and I Love Whoever Invented Air Conditioning!

So much to report...I know I said I was going back on the blogging wagon...honestly, we have just been so busy. My parents came for the weekend, so we had lots to do with them, including the beach, eating lots of great food, and hearing my Dad speak at our Unitarian fellowship on "Icons of the Civil Rights Movement." A nice time all around.

The heat. It has been strangely hot for this early in June. We've done well--central air has been so wonderful, and we went to the beach yesterday and swimming with friends today. Our friends in East Moriches had a tornado come through and lost power! We had torrential rain and violent thunderstorms in the late afternoon yesterday--but as I was driving through East Moriches, it looked like a war zone! Trees down every few feet, someone's fence splintered, town trucks everywhere cleaning up. Meanwhile I haven't seen any damage in Riverhead.

The painting. It's on hold for now. Obviously we're not painting in this crazy heat...and next week is very busy, as I'll explain in a bit.

Activities. We went to Theater Three's original version of "Beauty and the Beast" on Friday and just loved it. They always do such a great job, and this was a new one, which was welcome. They were careful to note that it was not Disney's version; indeed, it was much better. As stated, we went to the beach yesterday and swimming with friends today. Wednesday we're off to Adventureland, Long Island's amusement park, with our homeschool group. So the kids are in a frenzy of excitement about that. And I am going with my friend Trisha to see "Sex in the City" tomorrow night, which we are both very excited about too.

Emma and Ben did beautifully in the pool today. They finally got in (I was in too, which of course helped, unlike last week when it was too cold) and at first they clung to the sides and just maneuvered around the edges of the pool, playing their own little game. Eventually Emma got brave and started swimming in her life jacket, and even came up with a great idea--using a pool noodle under the crotch strap of the life jacket so it wouldn't float away from her! Julia also improved a lot of her skills today, learning how to jump into the deep end, trying somersaults, and trying to go down the slide (she still won't do it from the top, but will scoot about 2/3 of the way up...maybe by July 4th!)

Wood floors. Next Monday, June 16th, is The Day. John the floor guy is coming bright and early. While I can't wait to have gorgeous floors--I could do without the work that we have to do to prepare! Poor Matt is going to have a heck of a Father's Day weekend. First of all, we have to move all the furniture from the first floor, and all the clothes out of the closets. That will be done mostly on Sunday (we'll take care of knick knacks, books, etc. on Saturday) but on top of that, we're going to go camping for the week while the floors are being done! So we'll also have to go through all the machinations for a family of six to camp for a week....sigh. I love camping, but I have to say the packing and the setting up of camp is just a total drag. Although, we haven't gone with the kids as old as they are now, so I guess that will make things much easier.

Then we'll have a hopefully wonderful week of camping--biking, hiking, swimming at the beach, etc. at Indian Island Park, right here in town. We'll come home Friday--which happens to be the day that Julia's Brownie troop is going camping at the Girl Scout camp in Yaphank!! Oh, yes--and did I mention that I'm the leader for that little excursion?! My comfort there is that Matt will be home unpacking the furniture and camping gear while I am at Camp Edey. So from June 15-23, I have an actual excuse not to blog! But I'll try to put a few things up this week. I have some stuff in mind...


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