Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Altogether Too Much to Blog About!

First one, then the other, I guess. The past week has been very busy. Matt has taken several vacation days to---you guessed it!--continue the wonderful job of painting the house's exterior, the ill-fated job we cleverly began last October. After a long winter break, I am happy to say that the first coat is finished, and coat number two has been begun! Matt worked hard on Friday and Sunday by himself (it rained Saturday...) and Monday and Tuesday he worked hard with me beside him. The back of the house took a long time to complete, and he also had the nerve-wracking job of getting on top of the garage to paint the bit of second floor up there--we are SO grateful we bought a Cape, where most of the second floor is hidden under the roof line!! Luckily, our advisers were correct, and the second coat is fairly easy to do compared with the first. We are breaking for the rest of the week--there was rain today and so Matt is going to work the rest of the week, and my parents are coming for the weekend, so we break till we see what the weather holds next week.

On Sunday afternoon, I took the kids to Splish Splash while Matt painted. They had been disappointed to miss opening weekend (Memorial Day) because we went away, and considering I've been listening to "When do we get to go back to Splish Splash?" every time we've driven on the LIE or Route 25 since last day-after- Labor Day (the day after it closed for the winter!) it was time to go back. Although we all wished Matt had been with us, we had a wonderful time, and I was pleased to see that Emma can now go down the kiddie slides herself, which makes it much more enjoyable for me! She also is much happier in the wave pool--she'll bob in her life jacket when there are no waves--I still have to help her in the waves--as opposed to last summer's death grip on my bathing suit straps. She also rode "Mammoth River", "Splash Landing" and the "Hollywood Stunt Rider" with us, which meant I got to have more fun as well. Also, since it's June and not really tourist season yet, there were no lines, which was very pleasant.

Today we went to see a ballet in Ronkonkoma--we go monthly with some other homeschooled friends--and then went to a friend's house for the afternoon, whose pool is now open. The kids had a blast there--Julia swam in the deep end without any flotation devices, which is new for her. Emma and Ben flirted with the water--it was barely 70 degrees today, and overcast, which meant there was no way I was getting wet, so they had to make do. This unfortunately meant that they didn't swim the way they would have liked to, but I did keep telling them that between life jackets, noodles, noodle chairs, kickboards, etc. they had more than enough to keep them atop the water--and Rachel, Julia and their friend were willing to help also. They wanted no part of it, so I just had to say tough toads. There comes a point where Mama isn't going to be inconvenienced, you know? We're going back Friday, so hopefully it will be warm enough that people over 12 will be willing to get wet!

Anyway, sorry for not posting in such a long time--each day lately has sped by, and I remember blogging when I can hardly keep my eyes open! I'll try to do better....


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