Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nothing Much To Blog About

I've noticed that when I go a few days without blogging (such as for a long holiday weekend!) it becomes harder to find something to say! Not sure why that should be, but since we got back from our weekend on Tuesday afternoon I have been trying to think of what to write, and nothing has come up. So I figured I'd ramble a bit today.

Weather: gorgeous. Sunny, light breeze, low 70s. The kids have been playing outside all morning and I haven't had the heart to reign them in to do school work. Julia came in a bit ago and settled at the breakfast bar with her books, and basically Ben is down to just reading. Rachel has been on the phone most of the morning, so she has to get started.

What we've been doing lately: the younger kids have really been enjoying bikes and scooters. We've been taking rides (me walking, so I can be on alert for any cars) around the neighborhood, and Emma can ride her trike a LONG way! Rachel recently began riding her bike to the library by herself! She is very proud of herself and loves to take the bike lock and key with her. Even if she just reads there for a half an hour and comes home, she feels grown up doing it, and since it's a mile away and the two trafficked roads she has to cross have lights, it seems like a safe way to let her have her independence.

We've also been trying to arrange for someone to come refinish the wood floors on the first floor of the has been a real chore, arranging estimates, playing phone tag and trying to get questions answered--I just want it done! We plan to camp while it is being done, so that we can be nearby for supervision and yet still be out of the house. I cannot wait for this to be accomplished.

Finishing up the school year. Ben just reads every day now. Julia has just a bit left, and Rachel has more than that, but we are ready for summer vacation, big time! Little League games scheduled practically every night haven't been as bad as I'd feared--because Matt does 95% of the ferrying! I have been staying home most of the time with the kids who aren't playing, except when we have double games.

Gardening. Planting, mowing, weeding....all jobs I hate. And yet I love flowers and fresh veggies, so I do it anyway. We have had some fresh flowers in the house already--forsythia and daffodils to start, pansies, spirea, ranunculas after that, now rhododendron, azaleas and irises. I have concluded that my lilacs must be a different breed from everyone else's, since the buds are only just beginning to open--everyone else's have bloomed and gone by now. And yes, they are in full sun, so don't ask.

Field trips. Plays, ballets, beach parties, hikes and library programs. Getting ready for the Splish Splash season... it has been a busy spring.....


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Anonymous Blogger said...

Spring begins for me when I bring the bright yellow forsythia blooms in the kitchen. They are just beautiful!