Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Too Cute

Today Rachel and Julia are off at our friends' house for a sleepover. Rachel has been sleeping over there quite a lot lately, but Julia has never gone and it was starting to bum her out. When my friend Trisha (the mom) found out about that, she immediately invited Julia to come too. Let's not go into the sisterly squabble that followed--it's all been worked out! Anyway, Julia has been counting down the minutes till the sleepover, and she got up this morning and finished all her schoolwork so she'd be unencumbered the rest of the day. She packed her clothes and pjs, toothbrush and hairbrush, pillow and favorite snuggling guy, her scooter and a book to read by the fire they're having tonight. Trisha wasn't coming till noon, but at about 10:30 Julia headed onto the front patio with a book just to make sure she wouldn't miss their arrival. Ben and Emma went out and played in the yard to keep her company.

So Trisha arrived, we chatted a while, I kissed the girls goodbye, Emma and Ben hugged and said goodbye, and they got into the car. As the car was pulling out of the driveway, Ben started blowing kisses and shouting, "Goodbye, Julia!" which Julia didn't notice because she was talking in the car. Trisha rolled down the window when she saw that and stopped in the street--she must have told Julia Ben was blowing kisses, because before they pulled away I could hear Julia: "Catch this kiss, Ben!" and of course he did it!

After we waved till they turned the corner, Emma said, "I guess you only have two kids now, Mama!"

And Ben said, "I'm really going to miss Julia."



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