Monday, May 19, 2008

A Cute Game: "The Wedding"

Today, Julia, Ben and Emma were playing a very cute game. It was where their stuffed-animal dogs were getting married. They had a king dog, and the prince and princess who got married.

Julia set out to make "all the wedding stuff," which consisted of: a paper version of the Bible that the priest reads (which by the way, this copy has no religious matter whatsoever! In fact, she asked me if she could borrow my piano book to copy notes for a hymn that she could hum at the wedding celebration!), seats for the guests (more various stuffed animals, mostly dogs, but I think there was a Pterodactyl somewhere in the crowd...) and wedding clothes for the bride and groom.

We snapped photos, so you could see how funny it actually was! Julia was humming the original "Here Comes The Bride" while making the dogs 'walk' up the aisle to their destiny of being married. Afterwards, the new King and Queen Dogs sat on their throne, which they shared. It was very cute!


"The Priest" reading the homemade Bible

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Chloe [-headbang-] said...

Woof WoofWoof.

(Translation: I hope the happy couple has a long adn prosperous marriage.)